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How to connect PHP to Microsoft SQL Server

How to connect PHP to Microsoft SQL Server
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PHP with SQL Server

First, you need to get information about your PHP.

Make a test file with this code :

then you see a output like this :

phpinfo funcation example

Here, We have XAMPP, PHP 7.2.8 - x86 & TS.

Now, go to this link: github.com/Microsoft/msphpsql

Find your OS  & PHP version in production release. (We select Windows-7.2.zip)

Extract downloaded file, we go to x86 folder then copy php_pdo_sqlsrv_72_ts.dll & php_sqlsrv_72_ts.dll  to xampp/PHP/ext.

Open php.ini file xampp/php/php.ini (If not exists, rename php.ini-development to php.ini)

Insert the codes after extension = pdo_mysql (Change filename to your version)

Restart your web server. (Apache, Nginx or etc)

Open your phpinfo again, now in the "Registered PHP Streams" section you have sqlsrv & you can search & find pdo_sqlsrv in your phpinfo.

Now you can use the sqlsrv_connect function to connect your SQL Server.

For PDO connection you can use this :

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